Get tested

Welcome to the Get tested section. Here, you'll find helpful tools that are commonly used to screen for mental health problems. You can start with a basic well-being test,  which is used to test the current state of your mental well-being. Further tests specifically focus on certain areas of mental health, anxiety and depression. The second part provides an overview of symptoms that accompany specific mental health problems.

These tests do not provide conclusive edivence or a diagnostic as it pertains to mentall illness. Results from these tests serve as a screening tool and evaluate the state of your current mental well-being and possible problems. If your results suggest that you may experience problems or symptoms of mental health deterioration, or if you experience such problems yourself, do not be afraid to seek help. You may contact close friend or family or an expert. An expert can provide you with a more comprehensive evaluation and can help you find ways to feel better.


These tests are designed for adults only. They are not designed for children younger than 14 years of age. When taken by children or adolescent, the results will be wrong and misinterpreted.