Social Self-care


Volunteering is related with well-being and self-reported health.1

  • Especially beneficial is consistent volunteering.
  • It’s been also shown that people who are less socially integrated benefit the most from volunteering.2 
  • Specifically, for older people volunteering is connected to slower decline of self-rated health and functioning level.
  • Engaging in a volunteering role (being a volunteer, helping out someone else) can lower depressive symptoms.3
  • Volunteering can improve life satisfaction and enhanced social support.4
Social Communication

Tips and recommendations

  • Look for a way you can be helpful as a volunteer, in something that you are passionate about, have skills to contribute to, and that you can enjoy and find meaning in.
  • Browse various organizations and types of activities and find one suitable to your interests and skills and values.
  • Volunteering can be done in a wide range of activities (teaching, collecting food/other resources, organizing community events, etc.) and have different levels of physical and mental difficulty.
  • Volunteer organizations also work with many specific groups (kids, foreigners, cancer patients, homeless people, single parents,  ettc).

Working as a volunteer can bring new impulses to your life like meeting other volunteers and those in need, sharing your knowledge and skills or acquiring new ones.

Other evidence-based practices

  • Set boundaries.
  • Make time for friendships.
  • Make time for family.
  • Create/ join support group.
  • Kindness.


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