Mental health
and COVID-19

Mental health in the times of COVID 19

COVID-19 pandemic has undeniable consequences on our mental health. Fear, stress and worry are part of a reaction to the threat we can encounter, especially in such uncertain and unknown context.

We are facing a lot of changes in our daily lives. As a result of several changes in work and school life, lack of social contact, and possible isolation of family members, it is important to pay more attention to our physical and mental health. The self-care is important during the times of isolation as well as after the restriction period as our mental health and well-being can be weakened in the long term. We all, and especially people with mental illnesses, are becoming more vulnerable as the situation can be a source of stress.


Try to talk about your mental health and well-being or about the changes you encounter. The first step can be sharing it with your close ones. Someone close is probably feeling or experiencing the same thing. The rise of anxiety, feelings of fear or depressive symptoms can be part of a reaction to the actual situation. 

Although external factors are a source of stress, all of us can focus on our actual self-care practice and think about possible improvements. In case of observing symptoms and signs of mental illness, we should seek professional help.

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The following documents were gathered and constructed by professionnals in mental health and psychology.

Getting familiar with these information can help you or your close ones. You can improve your mental resistance in difficult times. 

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