Mental Health

Unusual times bring unusual psychological demands.

STRENGTHEN your mental resilience.  TAKE CARE OF your mental health.  HELP yourself and others.

This site will guide you in this process. The website was developed by experts from the National Institute of Mental Health with contributions and support from mental health professionals from the Ministry of the Interior, the Czech Army, the Czech Police, and the Fire and Rescue Service.

What is mental health and why should we learn more about it or even take better care of it? 

Mental health is an important part of our overall health. It is true that there is no overall health without mental health. 

In connection with the current extraordinary times, many people feel extraordinary psychological demands. These demands can be well managed. Although you may not be able to change some of the difficult aspects of the current situation, you can improve the way you respond to them and how they affect your psyche.

 Strengthen your mental resilience and take care of your mental health. This site will help you by bringing research-based information about what works. You will find, that you may already be doing many things for yourself and you may find other things that you may want to learn. Give it a try.

You can start with one of our  Online Tests, or take a look at the Mental health section and learn more about the terms we often encounter when talking about mental health and illness.
In the Self-Care section, you will find out, that mental well-being can be cared for in many various ways. You can choose what could help you. Help can be useful not only for you but also for your loved ones. How you will find out that it is already appropriate to seek professional help and how to behave in such situations? You will also find here, who to ask for help.

No matter where you are according to the compass, in the context of mental health it is possible to head east in all circumstances. That is, to optimal well-being. Many people around the world have moved from a place where they were "mentally at the bottom" and even trying to hurt themselves. However, today they live a happy and fulfilling life, feel and function well. Other people had to work on themselves to change their experiences, feels, and thoughts to improve their quality of life. You can do it, too. You may be surprised at how big changes sometimes can bring even quite small things - such as following the rules of healthy sleep.